Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Cookie History - Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwich

At my nephew Jake’s birthday dinner tonight, an interesting topic came up, one that I’d never heard of before. It all started when my brother’s father-in-law, Tim, asked my mom a question:

“Hey Joan, do you remember a cookie…”

“I already know what you’re going to ask me. Yes…”

And so it began. Apparently there was this cookie from the past, Nabisco made it, that was for sure, and it was a sandwich-type concoction made up of two Nilla wafers placed around a marshmallow filling. Apparently it was delicious.

Tim, his wife Lynn and my mom all remembered the cookie, but none of the three could recall the name of it. I decided to use my iPhone to find out. I went straight to Google and typed in “nilla wafers marshmallow.” The very first entry brought me to a website with plenty of people just like the three sitting at the table with me, all who remembered and loved the cookie, and none who could remember what it was called. The website is called Food Timeline, and it had a whole page dedicated to the topic.

I read the first entry aloud:

We have been going crazy trying to remember the name of the marshmallow sandwich cookies from the 1950's. Didn't they have another name, or were they just called marshmallow sandwich cookies??? I seem to remember the package vividly, but not the name on the package. Any help with that name would be greatly appreciated.

Tim chuckled. “You see, they were good.”

“Yeah, I remember the package distinctly,” mom added. “It was blue…”

The room listened with amusement as I read some more comments:

Oh yes, I do remember them well...not only how great they were, but how they also used to stick to the packaging...and I remember the packaging as being wax paper and not cellophane. And how my brother and I would fight over them...and "squish" them down to eat them.

Yes of COURSE I remember these marshmallow cookies!!!!!!!! I live in New York and they were my favorites!!!!! I can still remember that bright blue wrapper with the Nabisco logo in the can we lobby Nabisco to MAKE THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I think the name of the marshmallow cookie was called "Mellow Wafer." Does that sound familiar? This is driving me crazy.

My co-workers and I were reminiscing about the marshmallow cookies. Marshmallow pressed between 2 vanilla wafers. They were made by Nabisco. We couldn't think of the name of them. I came upon your website and now I know that they were called ..... Marshmallow Sandwiches. WE REALLY MISS THEM!

I have been thinking about this for years!!! Just last night 3 of us were trying, again, to remember- it was definitely not "marshmallow sandwiches" they were delicious and my kids loved them back in the 60s and 70s! Could it have been "Mallows"?

On and on the comments went. There were maybe 100 comments on the page altogether, each with the same sentiment about the cookie, and the same curiosity about the name. Apparently, these cookies were very good, and very popular.

What I could gather from the bits and pieces on the site was that these cookies were made by Nabisco from around the late 40’s/early 50’s all the way through to the mid-70’s, when they were discontinued. They were only distributed, from what I could see, in the New York metropolitan area. They came in a blue, wax paper packaging, with two individually wrapped rows of delectable cookies. They were apparently sticky to the touch and people would heat them, squish them, dunk them, and munch em up by the handful.

As I read through the unique history of this previously unheard of cookie, my sister Ann Marie searched her phone for a picture of it and after a long search, she finally found a photo along with the name:

Mystery solved! Even though I’m no longer a cookie hound like I once was, I’d love to try a Marshmallow Sandwich. I guess the name wasn’t that memorable, but at least the cookie itself was. By the way Tim, Lynn, mom and all of those other people raved about them; I bet they’d do pretty good if Nabisco decided to bring them back.

So whaddya say Nabisco…for old times’ sake!


Tim, Lynn, Mom

The Food Timeline

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  1. I remember those cookies from 1942 They were the best

  2. Holy Mom ALWAYS had these in the house when I was a kid growing up in Manhattan, and I loved them so much it was all I could do to avoid eating a whole box at once, depriving my sister and brother of their share. And I was JUST TODAY trying to think of the name of them, and came across this post. GREAT STUFF!! THANK YOU!!

  3. That's really cool! Thanks for reading!

  4. I loved these cookies. As a child in kindergarten in the 60's this would be the cookie I would bring in for milk and cookie time. I really wish they would come back with it.

  5. We too remember and miss these cookies. We wish they were back!

  6. Not only I loved them and wish they make a come back. Also, I used to eat as a kid a caramel bar covered with chocolate made by MARS that was called MARATHON if anyone is interested I found a very similar bar called Curly Wurly, you can google it but from experience I have purchase them from

  7. great brother and i were just discussing this cookie. does anyone else remember that if you ate the cookie by disassembling it, there was a little blob of tasty jelly-like stuff that attached the marshmallow to the cookies?

  8. I have thought about these cookies quite often as well,so come on Nabisco bring them back.

  9. I loved these cookies. They came in two cardboard boxes in the package.

  10. Maybe, we can ask Nabisco if they could bring these cookies back...if just for a while.

  11. My Grandfather always had these in the house and they were wonderful. I grew up in Georgia and remember they were carried in the local Piggly Wiggly stores so the distribution was larger than thought from the above piece. I too wish someone would bring them back into production. Thanks for the story.

  12. My grandparents also always had these in their house in Atlanta Ga. I was in preschool and I remember they were delicious and in two boxes with wax paper :)

  13. I too remember these great cookies.......when I had to walk into town to do an errand for my mom, she always gave me a dime to get a snack on the way home. They also came in a single box of about 7 or 8 cookies. The cost was a DIME ! How lucky for me.............I lived in a little town in New Jersey and yes, my brother and I would twirl the cookie to separate the wafers from the marshmallow.

  14. I used to eat a box at one sitting! My sister and I still talk about them. I wish Nabisco would bring them back. Hmm, would a petition work?!

    1. Haha, judging by the response to this blog post...maybe!

    2. Why don't we try. They were so good. I believe the cookies back in the 50's through the 70's tasted do much better. Wish I could find the recipe for these

    3. Why don't we try. They were so good. I believe the cookies back in the 50's through the 70's tasted do much better. Wish I could find the recipe for these

  15. Loved these little cookies, I wish Nabisco would bring them back!

  16. Had the in the 1970s. They were great. I lived in Georgia, so they were available in parts of the south. Here today looking for the thanks!

  17. These were my favorite cookies growing up! I even called Nabisco a few years ago to tell them I wish they would make them again. I try to recreate them sometimes with Nilla wafers and a marshmallow. However, I don’t know what the sticky stuff was that held the cookies to the marshmallow. Anyone know? Thanks!

  18. Thank you for your comment!

  19. Thanks John

    I understand that they are discontinued, wonder whether we can get the recipe from somewhere?